Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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A lot of the file folder games I've found online are very preschool based.  Very simple skills.  Which is nice, for preschool, but now that I'm starting to move towards actual subjects, is frustrating.  So I've been searching the internet for games that I can put into a file folder game, that is science, history, geography, or bible based.  I've come across some ideas, so I'm going to be making some today.  I'll post pictures in a day or two when I'm done.  But here is a bunch of links to various ideas, and some ideas that I'm going to use.  

Printable manipulatives resources
  I'm going to use the rulers for a measuring game, I think
Blank Clock I saved this to my computer and then resized it to use in a FFG
Clock Rummy
A lot of teacher created games
Telling Time Worksheets
A LOT of math worksheets, games, ideas
free good Bible maps  I'm going to make an Egypt/Exodus game with the Exodus map
Games for Learning
tips, techniques, and ideas for making games
59 different games, different ages
game boards
educational games
file folder game links


  1. I found your website - because I liked the name. :-) And I love that you've shared with us the finds you have come across. I have 4 kids - 7yr, 6 yrs & 2 yrs & 6mos. So I need to find things that are for the older kids - and then I'll need to find things for the younger one, too. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. I will check out some of these links - though my kids have never really been too excited about games. :-)

    Hey, I tagged you with the homeschool resources tag that is going around. You can see it on my blog. Hope you will feel like doing it...

  3. My daughter is moving out of the preschool file folders too! We started lapbooking, I'm not sure if you've heard of them, but it's a great way to include different subjects that are centered around a theme. You can check out some of the one's we've done on my blog

    There's lots of links on the end of this post too

    Maybe this will give you some fun ideas for your folders? We're also starting up a new site called if your interested!

    Hope that helps a bit!

    In Christ,



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