Friday, August 11, 2006

Ancient Egypt Links

The month of October is going to be spent on Ancient Egypt.  So I'm starting to gather resources and ideas to form the individual weeks and topics, so I'm just going to post everything I come across here.  I really dislike what I'm currently doing, of just posting a lot of links to various websites....because usually, eventually, websites get taken down and you end up with dead links, along with the loss of that information.  But it seems just as silly and pointless and a waste of a lot of space, not to mention time, to copy everything down and put it here.    So I guess this will be a gathering spot for links, and then when I actually form my lesson plans, I will detail what items I've chosen to do, so at least some information will be here.

some ideas, some dead links, at this website
A ton of links
egyptian fonts
a good site with a gazillion links
maps of ancient egypt  they even have a map of the exodus here


  1. coolmomshomeschoolAugust 13, 2006 at 4:54 PM

    Here are some links I have gathered.

    I didn't see a handy dandy link to turn these into real links that you can click on, but I'm sure you've mastered copying and pasting by now. LOL!

  2. Thanks for the links, Sal. We're doing ancient Egypt too and the kids can't get enough!


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