Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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great site I just stumbled across.  Costumes Clipart 

Thursday, March 9, 2006


What's that???  LOL.   I've been
trying to get caught up on house things, so 'school' has been pushed to
the wayside for awhile.  Good news is, I have brand new flooring
in my kitchen and laundry room.  We had nasty brown stained carpet
in the kitchen, and orange shag carpet in the laundry room.  Now
we have nice laminate flooring, woo-hoo!   I've been watching the
kids the past few days and realized that even though I'm not actively
'doing school', they are still doing school stuff somewhat.  I
thought I'd note what they were doing, to help me feel better about it,

They have been playing with their train set a ton, learning how to make
a track by themselves.   They've been playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O,
Candyland, etc by themselves.  They have been playing with the
leapfrog leappad, playing with blocks and lincoln logs, playing with
educational flashcards, playing Boggle jr, and doing some coloring and
drawing, as well as reading a bunch of books.   So, I guess
they are doing something even if I'm not, LOL.
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