Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mug Contest

So I was just browsing a few blogs and came across this contest at Under His Construction  So, here is my entry for favorite coffee mug.  This is called Monday Morning Mug. 



  1. Thanks so much for entering. What a great mug! Does it actually hold things to drink in it.. LOL.

    I love the "indians" painting themselves too. What great fun!!

    Thanks again for stopping by and entering the contest!

  2. Hi there Sally

    I enjoyed the visit and the read! Your kids looked liked they really loved the painting!

    All the best in your homeschooling ventures



  3. Congratulations on winning the contest! What a crazy mug - really, you can drink out of it? I thought this was a great contest, though I didn't really enter because I don't have a "cool" mug right now - it broke, long story. I posted a "wanna-be" that I found on a website that I WANT to own. :o) Oh, by the way, your blog name is totally cool!

  4. mug shot contest! (I entered, too, but my mug is not nearly as unique as yours.)


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