Thursday, July 6, 2006

Lewis and Clark

We took a 3 day road trip to Mt Rushmore a couple of weeks ago,  and on the way there, we stopped at the rest area on the Missouri River near Chamberlain, SD.  This is a spot where Lewis and Clark camped on their journey.  They had a neat little museum inside.  On the way home, we went south through Wyoming down to Fort Laramie, and then took part of the Oregon Trail east through Nebraska, driving by Scotts Bluffs and stopping at Chimney Rock before driving back home.

So the kids have been all excited about all of that.  So I checked out a few books out of the library and we are doing some Lewis and Clark things. I have got to say (again) that I just loooooove love love love the Williamson Publishers books.  fantastic.  I would love to own all of them.    If you do an amazon advanced search, you can search by Publisher and search for Williamson Publishing Company, you can see all of their books.

I also found this book at the library and was using that as well.

So.....we did 2 things today.  One was making 'vermillion' like Lewis made and gave to the indians as a gift...they used it to paint their bodies.  So, we made it and the kids painted their bodies.   Then, we made journals and went and inspected some plants and drew pictures and colored them, like Lewis and Clark recorded the various plants they saw.

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