Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dingbat Fonts

I love fonts.  I use them in my scrapbooking and paper arts, but they can also come in very handy with school things.  There are so many kinds of dingbat fonts out there, it's amazing.  Here are 2 sites that have a lot of free dingbat fonts:

Dingbat Fonts


Here are a few good categories under Dingbats at Dafont - Animals, Ancient, there are some cool fairy tale fonts under Fantastic, Nature, and there are a lot under Various.  Since there are 21 pages of various, here are a few that look good:  Biblical, Biblish Pictures, Ding Maps, Famous Buildings, Weather Dings, Music for a while, SC by the sea, ShipsNBoats, US-bats, We Inside, We love America's wisdom.

All of these fonts are free, so you will just have to download them and unzip them with Winzip.  Then save them into your C://Windows/Fonts folder.  Now that you have all these cool fonts downloaded, what can you do with them?     You can make them a very very large size, so that one letter takes up a whole page, and print it off and let your kids color it.  You could make bingo pages out of different fonts.  You could use them as spaces on a homemade game board.  You could use the states and famous buildings ones as trivia questions.  For animals and nature fonts, you could print off various pictures and use them in crafts.   I am looking at making some more file folder games, some social studies ones, since I have some math ones already, and so that is what got me looking at fonts.  Here is a link to an old post I have about FFG's, and ways that you can use the dingbat fonts in them:  File Folder Games.   The possibilites for these fonts are endless.   So, download and enjoy!!

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