Monday, September 19, 2005


This week we're doing the Community
unit study.  Today we learned about firefighters and
policemen.  After reading a couple books, we did some water
experiments, since firefighters use water.  I filled up 2 glasses
of water, and in one glass I added a ton of salt.  While we were
stirring the salt, we talked about dissolving, and how salt and sugar
dissolve, but sand wouldn't.   Then, we put an egg in the
plain water, and it sank.  Then we put the egg in the salty water,
and it floated.  (I thought that was cool LOL).   Then
we experimented with items that would or wouldn't absorb water.  I
used a sponge, washcloth, plastic bag, piece of wood and a shoelace.

After that they did a couple crafts - gluing tissue paper down in a
fire collage, and then fire painting.   This was kind of cool
to do, and Alysa liked squishing the paint around underneath the
plastic wrap.   And I liked it b/c she stayed clean
LOL.  There was actually so much paint on the plastic wrap after
we pulled it off, that I put it on another plain piece of paper and
smoothed it out and took it off.  I think that one turned out even
cooler than the first one.  The first one is on top, the second
one is on bottom.

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