Friday, September 16, 2005

2 weeks done

I didn't realize how tiring this was going
to be.  I think after I finish getting the activities in a baggie
done this weekend, that will help somewhat with Aiden.  He wants
to do everything Alysa does, but then gets bored and wanders around and
gets into trouble, or just whines and whines 

I also vastly underestimated Alysa's perseverance.   She
doesn't like finishing things if she doesn't like what she's then she does something like this, when I make her finish...

So I've had to ease up a bit.    The first week they
really didn't watch many videos like they usually do, and I think such
a sharp withdrawl was hard, so they've watched a few more this
week.   At least half of them this week have been educational
ones.  Getting on a better schedule will help, too, I think.

So we haven't really done any math yet, or started her reading lessons,
which that I really want to do, and so does she.   I think I
might try a day or two of them next week and see how she
does.    I got my free reading rods sample in the mail
this week, and she loved those. 

I also got some huge, thick free book catalogs in the mail today. 
Actually they were FedExed, which was cool.  They were from Perfection Learning
which was listed in the Well-Trained Mind as a good
resource.   They look like it.   That will be fun
to sit down tonight and look through that.

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