Saturday, September 10, 2005

Book sale finds!

Today, I went to a book sale, and hit the
jackpot.   It started at
9, and I knew I should have gotten there right at 9, but I didn't get
there until about 10:30.   Halfway thru, I saw this 12 or 13
yo kid who
had a pile of about 50 books....all of them greek and roman classics,
and various other classics.    He said he was going
through and picking
out which ones he wanted......but I never saw his discarded pile, so I
think he bought them all.  Good for him, bad for me
LOL.     But I
still got a lot of good books!  Almost all of the kids books are
hardbacks, in fairly good condition.  They're all older editions,
I like.  I think these types of books are perfect condition for
reading.  You can read them, and the kids can read them, without
fear of ruining them or getting the pages smudged up a tad, but yet
they aren't old enough where they are in danger of falling apart.
  And, they're cheap.  So, if something does happen to the
book, you're not out anything. 

I got The Trumpet of the Swan, A Little Princess, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Perrault's Complete Fairy Tales, an abridged version of Ben-Hur
(I like the idea that you read an abridged version when you're a kid, a
slightly more advanced version in jr high-ish, and then in high school
you read the actual version, and then it isn't intimidating b/c you
already know the story), Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories, an abridged Sinbad the Sailor, a cool older book of nursery rhymes, Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, a kid's version of The Nutcracker, a 1956 oversized Golden Book of Science
- this one is so cool.  Aiden has already paged through it several
times.  I found a coloring book of children of the world, that has
hardly been colored in.   It has nice, big drawings of people all
over the world in their native clothes.  So I thought that will
come in handy to make copies of and let the kids color.

 I also got - Walden, a book of selected poetry by Blake, Wessex Tales by Thomas Hardy, short stories of Stephen Crane, Grapes of Wrath, a large selection of poetry and prose by Percy Bysshe Shelley, House of Seven Gables - Hawthorne (if you ever get a chance to go out to Mass. and see it, it's very pretty), Plato's Republic (somehow that kid missed this one LOL), My Life
by Golda Meir (highly recommend - fascinating woman), a large
collection of literature from the Medieval Ages, and the crowning book
I found today - The Federalist Papers
I have been wanting to read these since I read John Adams by McCullough
a couple of months ago.  This book is in brand new condition
(aside from being 50 or 60 years old LOL).   And I found it in the
Science section - someone must have just set it down.  I was so
thrilled to find it LOL.   And, the best part was........all of
those books only cost $18!!! 

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  1. Sounds like you hit the jackpot. I love it when our library has their booksale.


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