Friday, August 19, 2005


Planning, planning, planning.  I love planning and organizing and researching.  I'm wierd, I know.   
So I've been browsing lots of blogs on here, and came across an
excellent article.  I'm trying to figure out this trackback thing,
so hopefully it'll work. (edited to say - nope, didn't work )

 The article (hyperlinked) is called

Help! I Have NO Idea WHERE To Begin Homeschooling!
By Cindy Rushton

a great article - really long.  It talks about finding God's
vision, setting goals, and getting organized.   I'm still
fighting an awful sinus infection, so I don't feel bad about sitting
here most of the day working on getting ready for school LOL. 
Although, I suppose I should get up and go eat at some point.


  1. hi! thanks for the comment on my page.

    :-) and I do like Hannity, too. In the upcoming Winter issue of TOS, we have an interview that I did with Elisha Blankenship, a homeschool graduate who is Hannity's associate producer. pretty cool!

    :-) Jen

  2. Cindy Rushton has a lot of great advice!! Welcome to Homeschool Blogger. Happy planning.


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