Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Neighborhood - 5 Day Plan

Another schedule for a week of preschool.  On nice days, take walks around the neighborhood and visit stores/bank etc.

Monday - Firemen/Policemen

Science - water experiments
Crafts - Fire collage, fire painting
Cooking - Fire truck cookies
Math - do pages in book
Misc - fire safety
Reading - Firefighters, police officers, community helpers, do a reading lesson

Tuesday - Grocery Store
Math - play grocery store, work with money flashcards
Crafts - 3 men in a tub craft, baker TP roll craft
Cooking - bake some muffins
Reading - Rub-a-dub-dub, Richard Scarry, do a reading lesson

Wednesday - Post Office
Math - Mail Carrier
Crafts - make a mailbox out of cardboard box, make stamps, mail letters
Reading - Richard Scarry, Mail Carriers, do a reading lesson
Misc - Work on learning her name and address and phone number.

Thursday - Bank/Restaurant
Math - matching game, play with money cards
Crafts - Make traffic light, play with cars, make a menu
Cooking - help with dinner - play restaurant
Reading - do a reading lesson
Misc. Get play money and checkbook/atm - play Bank

Friday - Library/Garbageman
Math - draw map of the neighborhood, math pages in book
Science - make compost piles with different types of items.  Watch how they decay.
Crafts - paint coloring sheets
Reading -community books, librarian, garbage, do a reading lesson
Play Bingo to review

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