Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Africa - 5 day plan

Another schedule for a week of preschool.

- Ostrich
Color the map of Africa, look at it on Google Earth.
Paint the ostrich coloring page.
Math - Ostrich eggs. 
Reading - Africa book and Ostrich book, zoobooks, Do a reading lesson
Crafts - African Drum
Science - listen to sound of an ostrich.  Watch a video clip of it running.

Tuesday - Hippo
Color coloring sheet with markers
Math - do pages in math book - practice writing numbers
Reading - Hippo books, Do a reading lesson
Crafts - texture paint
Music - listen to African music
Cooking - Sweet Potato Cookies
Science - listen to sound of hippo, watch a video on Africa

Wednesday - Cheetah
Color coloring sheet with pastels
Math - Jaguar Spots, running like a cheetah & measurements
Science - animal coverings, listen to african languages
Reading - cheetah books, animal camouflage, zoobooks, Do a reading lesson
Crafts - Rain Stick
Cooking - Cheetah cookies

Thursday - Elephant
Color coloring sheet with crayons
Math - pages in math book
Science -  listen to sounds of an elephant.  Make habitat.
Crafts - using salt dough recipe, make some elephants - bake and paint them.
Cooking - Ginger Root Beer
Music - fingerplay, play along with rain stick and drum to african music
Reading - Elephant books, Do a reading lesson

Friday - Zebra
Color coloring sheet with colored pencils
Math -
Zebra matching game
Reading - Zebra books, Africa book, Lion and the Mouse, Do a reading lesson
Crafts - stamp with rubber stamps
Color a map of Africa again, and mark where the various animals live.
Review the week.

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