Thursday, August 18, 2005


This feels different, being on a new blog.
  I have an Altered Art/Scrapbooking blog on blogger - I like how
this set up is similar.   Soon I'll feel at home, here, too. 
I suppose I should introduce myself to this wide world of homeschool
bloggers......altho, I won't introduce myself too much - you never know
who the crazy homeschoolers are (all these smilies they give you are too cool)

Anyways.......I am Sally.   I'm a 24 year old stay-at-home
mom.   My dh is in college - graduates in December
(finally!!!) in civil engineering.   We have a 4 year old and
a 2 year old, and our third child is due 2 days before graduation
day.    Which will make for a wonderfully stressful
holiday season  

I am a very creative person.   (in laymans terms, that means
'dreadfully unorganized')   So I am taking this year to start
homeschooling, so I can get a practice year in.    I
figure I have 3 months to practice being on some kind of schedule, and
then I'll have a few months of practice homeschooling with a baby
around.    That way, if we don't get much done, I won't
feel awful, since DD isn't required to be in school yet.

So, I am super-excited about doing this.   I've always wanted
to be a teacher - I just don't have the desire to go to school for it
LOL.  I've been waiting for her to be old enough to do 'school
stuff' with, since she was born.  

Now I realize Labor Day is only 2 weeks away, and I have to really
finish getting the first few units done!   Have I mentioned
I'm the queen of procrastination?   That's one of the reasons
for this blog.   I'm a blogoholic, so I figure if I have a
homeschool blog, I will be more likely to stay on track and get things


  1. nevermind - I found it!

  2. Hi Sally - nice to *meet* you! I enjoyed reading your post - - even though my sons are mostly grown & gone I still love peeking into other's homeschools :-)

    What is your blog site for your altered artwork? I am totally not artistic but I like to play with the *toys* and pretend I am! Come by and say hi on my blog sometime.



  3. Wow, that was fast :) I'm not used to ppl visiting so quickly! That's why you couldn't find the link at first, LOL. I just added it.

  4. VictoriaCarringtonAugust 18, 2005 at 2:10 PM

    I am looking forward to learning more about you. Especially the disorganized, procrastination part. Perhaps we can start a club...

  5. What???????????? I've been here like a week almost and you have more comments than me??? And no I am NOT competitive at all. lol

    Now you have a real live link to my homeschoolblogger blog. (I always type least I put the "L" in there huh?

  6. I'm with you, Victoria, someone should start a club. I have been meaning to do so for years . . . .

  7. just wanted to say hi....okay NOW i need to go make breakfast!

  8. let's try this again. after typing almost all i wanted to write somehow it magically vanished. computers!!

    i have to admit i'm one of those mom's who has always wanted the type of family i see in homeschooled families. there is something about most homeschooled families that makes me want to climb into their minivan and go home with them.

    i also must admit that i get awfully excited about homeschooling, then i bottom out, then i get excited again. i make a plan, tear it up and make another one, think it's stupid and begin all over again. i feel terribly unorganized most of the time and would love the lady who loves to plan and organize to come live in my house. i can handle another 2 and 4 year old around here. our kids are 3.5, 5,6,and 15months. my oldest began 1st grade this year in a montessori program and loves it. i know it is where God wants him and that is a wonderful feeling. i often wonder if i'm hardwired to homeschool or just really want to be.

    we homeschooled our oldest last year for kindergarten and will do the same for our 5 year old this year. of course the 3 year old must get in on some of the action too. i struggle feeling like i flit between so many different things each day and envy the moms who are organized and like to plan. just someone please tell me what to do, when to do it, and for how long.

    i have really appreciated getting to read about other homeschooled kids and their families this evening. your ups and downs really encourage me to continue to seek God's will for each of my children individually where school is concerned.

    thanks for offering such great info here!!!

    a first time blogger.....


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