Friday, January 2, 2009


I'm getting excited about getting back into the swing of things full time on Monday.  We are going to be on Week 15.  I don't even know how far behind that would be from everyone else, LOL.  I know we're a little behind on some things from where I'd like to be, but oh well.  Onward we march!  Weeks 15-27 are roughly planned out, with weeks 15-21 detailed and everything is printed and copied and in a binder so I can just pick up and go each week.  Week 27 ends on April 3rd and I'm tentatively planning on Spring Break the following week.  That ends with us finishing up Paddle to the Sea, but I think I might push Spring Break back another week and extend Paddle into a 2 week unit.  And then after spring break we will do the New World and Pilgirms.  Week 26 is pirates and the finishing up of the Time Traveler's New World Explorers.  So that will be a 12 week unit that we are about to begin.  The next few entries will hopefully be schedules and links of what I want to do.

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