Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting ready

I am so hit and miss with this blog.  And I keep having kids and keep having to redo things.....I'll have to change the header picture again since we have  5 now, and the baby is already 8 months old and just cut his first teeth!   I want to try, or 'resolve' as the case may be, to blog a lot more regularly on here.  We'll see how that goes!    I am getting ready to start the Time Traveler's Explorers and it looks amazing!   I'm going to intersperse it with SOTW 2, and even Paddle to the Sea, so it's going to be a 3-4 month long thing, assuming I can even stay on schedule.  But we are working on that.  So, hopefully, I'll be able to chronicle what we're doing and how well the TT is working out.  I always see a lot of people asking about it, and I was too, before I bought it, so maybe this will help someone, getting to see it used. 

New World Explorers

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