Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preschool/Kindergarten activities/file folder games

I have a few links on the side from when I first started this blog and my oldest was only in preschool.  I was really excited about FFG and the kids liked them, but eventually things tapered off.   Well now that I have a 3,2, and almost 1 year old, I'm looking to get back into file folder games and other bagged activities for preschoolers.  It's becoming clear that it's a necessity.   I'm going to spend a few days, hopefully, working on making a bunch of things and organizing it all and having a preschool bin for them to get activities out of to play with during school.  So hopefully I'll have some pictures soon, since pictures are fun! 

In the meantime, I was reading a thread on the WTM forums about this very thing and found a bunch of great links, and I also went through my bookmarks folder and here are a bunch of links about preschool activities and file folder games:

My old preschool/kdg links
my old 'lots of games' links

preschool centers ideas/links
preschool activities ideas
LOTS of preschool activity ideas
Montessori preschool ideas
Tot School
ChildCareLand FFG
more TotSchool stuff
Totally Tots - cute blog
Shirley's Preschool Activities
Preschool Education
Preschool Express
a blog with ideas
another blog

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  1. I am on TWTM forum and found your blog on there. I think it has got to be the cutest blog I've seen in a long time.


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