Saturday, October 1, 2005

Africa WebCam animal question

You can see a live webcam out in Botswana 24/7 - it's awesome.  Tons of animals all the time.  Africa Cam
I have a question though - this is probably dumb but oh well LOL.
    Those of you that are watching this, do you know what
those little birds are?  There are always tons of them around -
the little gray ones that look like the size of a chicken.   I
want to say it's a pheasant, but I have no idea if a pheasant even
lives in Africa.   It's driving me nuts though, b/c they are
always there.

And does anyone else think it would be cool to see a cheetah or a lion come over sometime and attack an animal????  (deep down you know it would )


  1. sparkshomeschoolmomOctober 1, 2005 at 5:38 PM

    but have never seen one but there is an croc in the pond. I have seen him about three or four times. So if you see something moving in the water that is what it is, there is also a huge lizard. When all the animals run off and you see nothing watch the water :)



  2. I appreciate your comments on my blog. I do think having the sidebar keeps me on track. I just wish there was a way to put a checkmark next to things as we finish them, rather than an additional area for the completed things!

  3. there is a page on National Geographic that has animal cards for each animal. You can even sort by birds or mammals. That is the only way I can figure out the weird little guinea hens! :)


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