Monday, November 2, 2009


And we're off to Russia for a week or so.  We're reading chapters 17 and 26 in Story of the World, Vol 3; learning about Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

Russian Coloring Pages with a paper Matroyshka craft
Lots of Russian links
TIME for Kids Russian Teacher Guide
Russian flag coloring page
Enchanted Learning Russia printables

Play Durak - a Russian card game

Make a salt dough map of Russia.  My kids love doing them and we rarely do. 
2 parts flour
1 part salt
1 part water. 

Put an outline map onto cardboard, and use a physical map as a reference to form the country.  When it dries in a day or so, then paint it.

Cook Russian food.

Print out a map of the polar regions; color, talk about arctic circle and why Peter the Great needed to find a warm water route to the west.

Listen to Peter and the Wolf - Classics for Kids Lesson Plans

Russian music from library

Some DDS numbers for Russian books:
JF Meyer
E Robbins
E Metaxes
E Tolstoy
J 398.2 SIL
J 947 CAT
J 947.31
J 394.26
J 914.7
947 M

Diane Stanley - Peter the Great

movies: PBS Catherine the Great, A&E Peter the Great Biography, and Peter and the Wolf movie (after listening to it).......and since it's so close to Christmas, Nutcracker ballet and other Russian ballets from Netflix

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