Sunday, February 5, 2006

Valentine's Day U.S. 5 Day plan

Read Books
Do reading lesson
• Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
Storytime at library
• Cut out several paper hearts of various colors (red, pink,
purple). Have her sort the hearts, count the number of each color, and
record this info on a simple graph.  Use a basic square grid, and
add the heading, pictures, numbers, etc. as needed. This activity could
be repeated with heart sizes as well. (do with candy conversation hearts instead of paper hearts)
  • Read bible verses about love.

•  Do worksheets more worksheets using valentine's candy as counters.
• Color and put together Arthur Valentine's Puzzles

•  Make patterns with various valentine's candy. 
•  Cut a strip of
paper towel 4x1.5 inches.  Put a spot of red ink near one
end.  Make a hole near the top of the other end and put a pencil
through it.  Hang the strip of paper in a glass.  Put just
enough water in the glass to reach the bottom of the strip - don't let
the water touch the ink.  Wait about 15 min and see what
  •  Get a box of
conversation hearts.  Have her write down the words that are on
the hearts.  After she practices writing each one, she can eat the
  • Look at  Jim Dine heart prints 
Take 4 6x9 papers and fold them in half.  Draw half a heart along
the edge.  Have her cut out the heart, careful not to cut along
the fold.  Open it up and you have 4 heart shapes.  Using a
variety of art mediums, create 4 different hearts.  Mount
individually onto black paper, or all together on one large piece of

•  Make red Jello jigglers, cut out with heart cookie cutter.  Talk about measurements while making it.
  • Buy a
couple white carnations and mix together red food coloring and water.
Then cut the stem to fit in your vase and cut a vertical X in the base
of the stem. Place the flowers in the red water. Over the next couple
of days they will start changing colors.
•  Make valentines to mail to family and friends.  Have her write out a short message inside.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like a great week ahead for ya'll.


  2. Will have to copycat quite a few of them :)

    Oh, to answer your question (at my blog)...I live close to not very close to Kodiak. My Dh handles some stuff (basically ordering supplies) for there though (at least I think they are one of the places he deals with). But neither of us have ever been there personally.

    People that have been stationed there that we have talked to have always seemed to really like it there, so I am sure you will love to visit. It is really beautiful country all around Alaska, and I have seen some beautiful pictures from down there. I believe Kodiak is one of the places known for having a place to watch the bears catch know, the shots were the fish practically jumps into the bears mouth. LOL

    We are due to be here for probably at least 4 years, so we hope to make it down there at least once or twice during the time here. If you look at a map of Alaska, things will seem close to each other until you see that maybe 1/4 inch is about 100 or 200 miles away, haha. This year we plan to go see Mt. McKinley (aka Denali)....that is near Fairbanks.....close to the center of the state I suppose.

    Well, talk to you later (and glad I found your blog too)!!


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