Friday, January 27, 2006

Valentine's Day Unit Study


Understand the concept of addition
Complete patterns.
Identify, sort and classify objects by attribute
Develop ability to print letters and copy words.


•  Make red Jello jigglers, cut out with heart cookie cutter.  Talk about measurements while making it.
 •  Do worksheets more worksheets using valentine's candy as counters.  (if you refresh the page, you'll get new worksheets)
 •  Make patterns with various valentine's candy. 
 • Cut out several paper hearts of various colors (red, pink,
purple). Have her sort the hearts, count the number of each color, and
record this info on a simple graph.  Use a basic square grid, and
add the heading, pictures, numbers, etc. as needed. This activity could
be repeated with heart sizes as well.


 • Buy a
couple white carnations and mix together red food coloring and water.
Then cut the stem to fit in your vase and cut a vertical X in the base
of the stem. Place the flowers in the red water. Over the next couple
of days they will start changing colors.
•  Cut a strip of
paper towel 4x1.5 inches.  Put a spot of red ink near one
end.  Make a hole near the top of the other end and put a pencil
through it.  Hang the strip of paper in a glass.  Put just
enough water in the glass to reach the bottom of the strip - don't let
the water touch the ink.  Wait about 15 min and see what


  •  Get a box of
conversation hearts.  Have her write down the words that are on
the hearts.  After she practices writing each one, she can eat the
 •  Make valentines to mail to family and friends.  Have her write out a short message inside.


  • Look at  Jim Dine heart prints 
Take 4 6x9 papers and fold them in half.  Draw half a heart along
the edge.  Have her cut out the heart, careful not to cut along
the fold.  Open it up and you have 4 heart shapes.  Using a
variety of art mediums, create 4 different hearts.  Mount
individually onto black paper, or all together on one large piece of
  • Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
• Tissue paper hearts - Paint an entire piece of paper with vinegar and
then cover it with hearts cut out of tissue paper.. After the vinegar
has dried, peel off the hearts to reveal hearts stamps on their paper.


 •  Arthur's Valentine
 • Clifford, We Love You
 • The story of Valentine's Day / by Clyde Robert Bulla J 394.2618 BUL
 • A valentine for you / Wendy Watson E W
 • Clifford's valentines / Norman Bridwell
 • Be my valentine


Lots of Valentine's Links
History of Valentine's Day
Lots of Valentine's crafts
Activity Idea Place


 • Fold a small square of construction paper in half.  Trace
their thumb at an angle, along the folded edge, to make half a
heart.  Have them cut out the shape, being careful not to cut on
the fold.  Open it up and it's a small heart.
  • Color and put together Arthur Valentine's Puzzles
  • Talk about emotions.  Write down different types of
emotions on index cards.  Have her find images from magazines that
depict those emotions, cut out and glue onto card.  Have her write
each word.
 • Read bible verses about love.

Resource Books

Teaching with Favorite Clifford Books
Teaching with Favorite Marc Brown Books

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  1. I wished I read this a while back. When it comes to teaching my children I am not all that creative. I guess it comes from living my day unorganized. I never seem to know what day or month it is. But I have fun and so do the children none the less. You do great work. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones.


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